Principal's message

Choosing the right learning environment for your child is one of the biggest decisions parents make. We encourage and welcome parents to participate in a school tour to decide for yourselves if our school feels like the right fit for your child.

Our school is structured into four learning communities where teachers work collaboratively to plan and deliver education programs to students in Foundation, Juniors (1-2), Middles (3-4) and Seniors (5-6)

Our students have access to a variety of specialist programs each week including PE, Music, ICT and the Arts. The school has excellent ICT resources which are used to enhance but not replace learning. Our camping program is offered to students in grades 3-6. We provide a swimming program for all students in term 4 each year.

A diverse array of extracurricular activities are offered throughout the year. Students have the opportunities to access teacher-led clubs and activities during recess and lunch times. Mad on Music is a music program which offers private and small group music lessons to families for a set fee at the school each week.

Our well-being program is led by a full-time coordinator and is supported by a school chaplain.

At Cranbourne Primary School our students are encouraged and supported to be responsible learners and supportive members of the community. Many activities throughout the school are established to enhance positive relationships between students.

Playground areas are open to all students which allows siblings and students across various ages to interact during recreation periods. We take pride in our approach to education which supports well-being and strives towards academic improvement in all students.

Through a shared vision of developing the whole child, our students in

  • P-2 develop PRIDE – Persistence, Responsibility, Individuality, Discipline and Enthusiasm
  • 3- 4 demonstrate PRIDE – Patience, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Excellence,
5-6 become PRIDE –Purposeful, Resilient, Independent, Decisive, Ethical

Cheryl Van Deursen