Recent News

To our families and school community,


We are very excited to have our students back on site! Our Preps have started this week and were very excited. They had a wonderful first day, and we look forward to seeing all our grades in the coming weeks.

The school has many Covid-Safe protocols in place, and despite the recent surrounding school closures, we have not had any positive cases in school. We are also instituting a range of safety measures to keep everyone safe. One of these is ensuring good ventillation in the classrooms, so we would like to remind parents to send a jumper for those cold mornings.

On Sunday the Premier announced a slight change to the return to school program. This means our Senior students will have a day at school this Friday, rather than next Thursday as originially advertised. We look forward to seeing them then. There will be no changes to other year levels. Our Term calendar has been updated to address this.

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school in the coming weeks!

Please keep safe, get vaccinated and get tested if you have symptoms.

Lachlan Yeates