School Wide Positive Behaviour Strategies

Our students are at the centre of everything we do, and our Wellbeing approaches are designed to meet our students individual needs. Our vision is for all children to have a high quality education where they thrive, achieve and belong.

How do we do this?

Our approach at Cranbourne Primary School is unique. We support students to develop empathy, kindness and most importantly a sense of hope in their future. By focussing on high expectations, providing personalised teaching, and establishing a calm and caring environment, we are confident students who attend our school will leave equipped with the skills they need to be successful.

Using key concepts from the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM), we are able to establish a learning environment where students feel safe and confident to challenge themselves. This is achieved through daily circle time, occurring in the morning and end of the school day. During circle time, all students are given a voice and opportunity to be seen by their peers and teachers. We begin each day with a predictable and consistent routine, fostering a sense of community and attachment between students and teachers. At the conclusion of the school day, students participate in a ‘Savouring Our Moments’ circle, reflecting on their accomplishments and setting new goals for tomorrow.

At Cranbourne Primary School we have implemented School Wide Positive Behaviour Support throughout our school. This form of Behaviour Management operates on the premise that as well as being learners of Literacy and Numeracy, children are also learners of behaviour. Under this model, children are explicitly taught appropriate behaviours and expectations by using our school values as the anchor to draw on student empathy when addressing inappropriate behaviour. To recognise the positive choices made by students, Class Dojo is used throughout the school as positive reinforcement. Students will be able to earn weekly points and cash in their earnings for a variety of prizes.

Our Students, staff and members of our school community are encouraged to live and demonstrate our core values of Persistence, Responsibility, Independence, Discipline and Excellence, responsibility, safety and growth.