EAL 2021

The students who attend Intervention/ Tutoring with Louise Whittle fall under one of two categories;

·  E.A.L (students who have English as a Second Language)

·  L.B.O.T.E (students who may speak English or have English as their first language, but who have someone at home who may speak another language)


The Intervention/ Tutoring sessions are not just focused on developing or furthering English skills in Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing. They also focus on extending one specific skill/ area such as developing reading comprehension to assist students in reading more complex texts.


Each student has been identified by their classroom teacher based on a specific area that the student needs to develop further, such as reading, sound/ phonics knowledge, writing or speaking.


Each group has a specialised program developed to cater for their specific needs, drawing from a variety of resources such as VersaLearn Topic Talk and Fountas & Pinnell Levelled Literacy Program.


During Remote Learning, students have been participating in the Zoom Sessions, taking learning from the classroom to the Zoom room.