EAL 2022

The students who attend English Intervention/ Tutoring with Louise Whittle fall under one of two categories;

·         E.A.L (students who have English as a Second Language)

·         L.B.O.T.E (students who may speak English or have English as their first language, but who have someone at home who may speak another language)


Each student has been identified by their classroom teacher based on a specific area that the student needs to develop further or extend in, such as reading, sound/ phonics knowledge, writing or speaking.


The sessions are not just focused on developing or furthering English skills in speaking & listening, reading and writing; they also focus on extending one specific skill/ area such as developing reading comprehension to assist students in reading more complex texts.


Each group has a specialised program developed to cater for their specific needs, drawing from a variety of resources such as VersaLearn Topic Talk, Little Learners Love Literacy and Fountas & Pinnell Levelle