Phys Ed


Physical Education programs at CPS provide students with a variety of physical activities in a range of indoor and outdoor environments. All sessions are planned in accordance with the Learning Focus and Standards of Victorian Curriculum Health and Physical Education for all levels.


To implement the P.E. program, we have access to facilities including a large gymnasium, nearby oval and 2 large multipurpose courts which can host full capacity games of basketball, netball, volleyball and tennis. We also have a range of equipment that ensures a variety of exciting new experiences each session. Various lunch time programs are also offered throughout the term.

Our specialist Physical Education teacher, Courtney Gramc leads skill based Physical Education programs with Prep - Year 6 children each week. Children in the junior school will learn and practice the correct techniques for running, hopping, jumping, skipping, catching, throwing, kicking, rolling, balancing, twisting and turning. While those in the middle and senior school will develop the capacity to link these skills into more complex and coordinated movement sequences. As students develop increasingly complex motor skills, they will be given opportunities to then apply these to appropriately modified games and sport-specific settings.



The first semester is focused around the participation in FMS (fundamental motor skills) and PMP (Perceptual Motor Program). Students will participate in 1 hour session of PE per week, 1 hour of health per week and 1 hour of PMP per week.

The six skills we aim to develop are auditory, visual, motor, social, language and memory. These skills can be broken down into the following:

  • Developing language skills necessary for active involvement in the program
  • Developing eye muscles so the child can focus and track effectively
  • Improving eye/hand and eye/foot coordination
  • Improving locomotion, balance and fitness
  • Developing the social skills of sharing, participating, assisting and caring for other children
  • Building confidence while using equipment and during movement
  • Developing spatial awareness
  • Developing motor memory


Students in this semester will be participating in units of gymnastics, catching, throwing, striking and skipping. They will:

  • Participate in 1 hour PE session per week
  • Participate in 1 hour Health session per week
  • Learn and execute basic gymnastic shapes
  • Perform and understand safe landings
  • Demonstrate basic movement patterns including jumping, landing, balance & rotations
  • Building upon the fundamental motor skills of throwing and catching
  • Learn the technique of forehand striking a stationary ball and be given the opportunity to progress on to hitting a moving ball
  • Develop their skipping skills, gradually becoming more fluent and confident


Students will have a busy semester that includes team building, fitness, athletics and striking sessions.

In fitness activities students will be assessed on their aerobic capacity, agility and strength
In the athletics unit students will work hard on improving their knowledge, skills and techniques in all events
In softball and T-ball units students will develop their striking of a ball both stationary and moving and further develop their understanding of working in teams

The Year 3 & 4 students will:

  • 1 hour PE Session per week
  • 1 hour health lesson per week
  • 1 hour sports session with classroom teacher
  • Participate in the School Cross Country – date to be advised
  • Participate in our School Athletics Carnival – date to be advised
    (both of these events will take on qualifiers for district level events)


The senior students have units to complete in team building, fitness, athletics striking and team leadership sessions.

In fitness activities students will be assessed on their aerobic capacity, agility, power and strength and specific emphasis is placed on improvement from previous years. Students will set goals try and achieve by semester 2.
In the athletics unit, students will work hard on improving their knowledge, skills and techniques in all events
In Softball and T-ball students will learn how to strike, catch, throw and play the game, as well as starting up SEPEP type classes where the students manage and run their own games with the support of the teacher

The Year 5 & 6 students will:

  • Participate in 1 hour PE per week
  • Participate in 1 hour of health per week
  • Participate in Senior sport 1 hour per week
  • School Cross Country event – date to be advised
  • School Athletics Carnival – date to be advised
  • Participate in Summer and Winter lightning premiership gala days against many other schools in the Cranbourne South District.


Our school is affiliated with School Sport Victoria in the Cranbourne South District and will play against other teams within this district this year. Equal opportunity for both girls and boys is provided and good sportsmanship and fair play through healthy competition is promoted. Inter school sport is a highlight for most students in Years 5 & 6. Football, soccer, netball, are volley stars and rugby tag are Winter sports and they are played in term 2. Summer sport is in Term 3 and there is the choice basketball, softball, cricket, volley stars and rugby.



In Term 2 we train for our Athletics Carnival which is held at Casey fields Athletics Track in Cranbourne. Selected Year 3-6 students attend and compete in a variety of track and field events. They learn and train in each of the events during Phys Ed classes in the weeks preceding the carnival.


School-based house competitions in cross country and athletics are conducted each year to promote a sense of community and connectedness.

In Term 1 of we run our School Cross Country at the Cranbourne lake running track. All Year 1-6 children will participate in their own age group. The top 10 in each age group and gender in grade 3-6 proceeds to the Cranbourne South District Carnival.