Community HUB

Welcome to the Community Hub, a safe place to connect, share and learn.

We focus on:

Early Childhood: running playgroups and connecting families to local early year activities, to support the
learning and development of preschool children, improve children’s social skills, and prepare children for school.

Engagement: helping families connect and engage with
their community.

English: providing migrants and refugees with opportunities to learn and practice English through both
formal and informal programs. Free childminding is provided for parents to stay focused on learning the new

Vocational pathways: building pathways to employment by encouraging volunteering and providing adults with
access to formal and informal training opportunities.

Community Hub Cranbourne PS is a welcoming place where families from diverse backgrounds, particularly mothers with preschool children, come to connect, share and learn.

The community hub model is place-based and supports the people-centered way of building connections. The Hub endeavors to bridge the gap between families and the wider community. It connects families with each other, with the school, and with local services and supports.

Families take part in a variety of activities in the hub, ranging from playgroups and social ‘coffee and chat’ sessions to learning conversational English and vocational skills. Attending hub helps improve participants’ confidence, social connection, and educational outcomes.

Community Hub Cranbourne works under the National Community Hubs Program umbrella which is funded and delivered by a highly effective partnership between philanthropy, all tiers of government, and the education and community sectors.