Out of School Hours Care


Our Philosophy

   The Cranbourne Out Of School Hours Care program (OSHC) provides high-quality recreational care for primary school-aged children in an enjoyable, safe, caring and friendly environment. This environment enables the children to learn new skills, build new friendships, and encourage positive attributes which assist with building self-esteem. Social skills are developed in a positive and exciting way, therefore, make Cranbourne OSHC a safe and happy place.



Our Approach

Cranbourne Primary School Out of School Hours Care is a service operated by the school. This means:

  • Low prices - we are offering a service to our community, not making a profit
  • Communication with the school - Our staff also work in the school, meaning there is clear communication between you and the school, via OSHC staff
  • More support - Ways of supporting you and your child in the school will be extended into the OSHC program, resulting in increased, higher quality support for your child
  • Familiar faces - Your child will talk and be supported by familiar staff, including the principal, and receive regular visits from the school's wellbeing dog, Finn!
  • Great location - Children are already on-site, making it easy to coordinate late bookings with the school, and not having children wait in the heat or rain before/after school. The school and OSHC are also located in the heart of Cranbourne, close to places of work and the bus interchange, for busy parents


Contact Details:

Phone: 0423 300 434

Email:  cranbourne.ps@education.vic.gov.au



Service and times

We provide the following services:

  • Before School Care: 6.45 am - school start (including breakfast)
  • After School Care: end of school - 6 pm (including afternoon tea)
  • Pupil Free Days: 6.46 am - 6 pm  (including breakfast and afternoon tea)
  • Vacation Care: 6.46 am - 6 pm  (including breakfast and afternoon tea)



All families requiring Outside School Hours Care (including pupil-free days/ Curriculum days) must submit an OSHC Enrolment Form. We do not accept OSHC enrolments without an enrolment form.


To submit an enrolment form, please follow this link and create an account: cranbourneoshc.fullybookedccms.com.au/family/.


Note that families wishing to receive the subsidy will need to enter their child's CRN or complete a CCS application through MyGov. If you get stuck, please phone or email us.



Late Pick Up

If parents/guardians are unable to collect their child by the closing time, 6 pm, they need to call the service phone and let the educators know and organise another authorised person to collect their child/ren.  A late fee of $15 for every 15 minutes after 6 pm. It will be added to the nominated account.



Late booking/Cancelation

Late bookings fee of $4 will be imposed when booking/Cancellation happens within 24 hours before the session starts.



Non attendance/ Cancelation

Parents/guardians must book their child/ren into a session and make cancellations as necessary. You will be charged full fees if your child is booked in and no cancellation is made. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance before the session starts so we will have the appropriate number of staff to accommodate students, as well as enough breakfast and afternoon tea. If the booked session cancels within the 24 hours period a late cancellation fee of $4 will be applied to the account.



Medical Conditions

Our OSHC program complies with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and National Quality Frameworks. Medication can only be given to a child if it is a prescribed medication accompanied by a letter from a medical practitioner. It must state the time is to be administered, and in its original packaging with a pharmacist's label which clearly states the child's name and dosage. 

Parents will be asked to fill out the program's medication form.


Please download and complete any Medical Forms relating to your child's health and submit them with

your Enrolment Application Form.



Medical Forms:

Asthma Care Plan.PDF

Anaphylaxis Action Plan.PDF

Allergic Reactions Action plan.PDF

Excema Action Plan.PDF

Epilepsy Management Plan.PDF

Diabetes Management Plan.PDF

Risk Minimisation Plan.PDF



Signing In/ Out

Accurate attendance records need to be kept, as this is a legal requirement. Therefore all children must be signed in and out by an authorised person who is listed on our system for the time of enrollment ( FullyBooked ). If a child is to be signed out by an unauthorised person the Parents/guardian must notify the OSHC staff by calling the service phone as well as sending a text message including the exact name of the child, themself, and the person. 



Behaviour Management 

The children are required to follow OSHC program rules and school ethos. A behaviour management program operates within the centre.


Step 1: A reminder or warning


Step 2: Reflection Time (5 minutes)


Step 3: Reflection Time with the coordinator (10 mins)


Step 4: Parents Notified


Step 5: Behaviour support plan


Step 6: Suspension from Program (time dependant on incident)





OSHC Policies



Contact Details:


Person with Management or Control: Lachlan Yeates

Persons responsible at the service: Lachlan Yeates


Phone: 0423 300 434

Email:  cranbourne.ps@education.vic.gov.au