The facilities at Cranbourne Primary School include:


- A gymnasium with a full size basketball court. This area is used for PE, sport and assemblies


- An Art room located in the centre of the main building, which overlooks the basketball courts. This space has been designed with multiple entry and exits and is visible by all who pass by, allowing students to be seen whilst creating their Art work.


-A library which looks out into a covered area used by students as an outdoor classroom. This area is used during learning times as well as recess and lunch breaks.


- Open designed learning spaces where students work in Learning communities, currently based on the VeLS levels e.g grade 1 and 2 students working at Level 2 are in the Junior Learning Community.


- A covered decking with glass doors that can be opened to allow for an extention of learning spaces. This area is available for use by students in all areas of the school during learning and recreation times


- A mini golf area where students can develop coordination, persistence and cooperation


- An oval area which has a soccer field, a football area and a cricket pitch


- A gazebo area


- A large array of native trees which provide shaded areas throughout the day


- Two playground areas, with equipment appropriate to the age and height of our students


- A sand pit which is often used by the staff for teaching purposes when investigating areas such as 'measurement'