Keeping children safe is our highest priority at Cranbourne Primary School.


Contacting home

We ask that you keep your details up-to-date and that you have emergency contacts listed in the event that your child is injured or ill and we need to contact you.


In addition to contacting home/emergency contacts if your child needs to be sent home or there has been a serious incident, we will always contact home if there has been a head or dental injury (even if minor).



We are aware that your child may require medication during school hours. Medication can only be administered if we have a signed medication form and the medication in its original packaging. Prescription medication must have the chemist label with the correct childs name and the dosage and the school is not able to deviate from these instructions. We are able to refrigerate medication if necessary. Please see the office to collect a form.



Cranbourne Primary School takes the health of staff and students seriously. As a result, the school has never been closed down due to a Covid outbreak.


The school follows best ventilation practices and all rooms have at least one air purifier that runs throughout the day. Students are provided with RAT tests throughout the term and regular testing is encouraged. The school monitors classes for outbreaks and parents will be notified if a child has been in a class while infectious. If a class experiences multiple cases, parents will be informed and the class will be expected to wear masks for the following week. Other times, masks are encouraged (but not mandated) and replacement masks are available from the school.


If your child presents with Covid symptoms the school will follow our infectious disease protocols. This will include requiring the student is collected from school until a negative test is returned. Siblings of students who are infectious with Covid should test daily and will be required to wear a mask at school.


Dental, optometrist and vaccination support

The school seeks to support families by partnering with external agencies to provide free, opt-in medical services to students. These include free eye examinations and glasses; dental checkups and minor works and childhood vaccinations. These can only be accessed with explicit parent permission. The school will not send your child to these services without parent permission.